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Adult videos for couples is a great way to get aroused and couples enjoy watching adult or porn videos and erotica at home. Adult videos are so pervasive that many couples watch them every time they engage in sex. Adult videos, adult DVD's or porn all describe the same thing but there is a large difference in quality and content. Since most adult videos are filmed in a day or two, the quantity of porn released every year is enormous. The quality of these movies is another thing altogether. Unlike mainstream Hollywood movies pornography doesn't always strive for quality and the question is what is quality when it comes to adult movies? Comparing major Hollywood releases with xxx rated movies is not a fair comparison and not just for the reasons you might assume. Quality in a movie is not just because you win an Oscar as the Hollywood press consortium would have you believe. The truth is the Oscars are nothing but a cheap publicity trick that to this date has succeeded wildly beyond anyone's dreams. This stupendously obvious self promotion tactic has worked as the American public as well as people around the world have fallen for it, hook, line and sinker. The formula is certainly not subtle. What about a three hour infomercial about a product and you get a commercial television channel to carry it live, get products to buy commercials, have beautiful men and women, some of them actors/actresses to attend and give away gold statues to the actors and actresses who often buy others votes to be the "best" in their field and then on top of that when they win have them get in front of the audience and bore us to death with their windbag thanks. The results are enormous free publicity for these "actors", their films and Hollywood feels great about itself as another year has passed and the scam is working like a charm. While some people do care about who wins the best film or best actor awards, most care about who made their dress, who looks like an idiot and the opinions of Joan Rivers, Melissa Rivers and the gang over at the E channel. Is it entertainment? Marginally! Is it self promotion? Absolutely! So where is the quality? Well, Hollywood will tell us the best movie is the epitome of quality. Not really is often the answer as whoever chooses the nominees has the best interests of Hollywood in mind, or so it seems. Quality is often what beautiful actress can go ugly, physically and morally, and turn in a stellar performance. Rarely, read never, is a comedy or action movie in the best movie category and if it is it rarely, read never, wins. The best movie category is littered with the rarely seen, intellectual and I use that term loosely, period pieces with high production values, meaning costly sets, costumes, and tried and true stars who can now afford to "act" in a smarmy, stuffy film about the physically challenged man who loves a beautiful woman with nary a brain cell who has betrayed her horse for another woman whose husband is a scoundrel but a war hero. Do I sound a tad cynical? Well after watching my share of Oscar nights I am either hoping the host is Billy Crystal, Robin Williams or Chris Rock and not David Letterman or Chevy Chase. I also don't really care who they are wearing but I am waiting anxiously for the spectacle of the evening wearing a goose dress, a top with one boob hanging out or is that the MTV awards? The point is the Academy Awards are meaningless except to the Hollywood bottom line. The rest of us have been duped into thinking this is entertainment not an ad for clap on, clap off. What does this have to do with adult videos? Well you can't compare the Hollywood press juggernaut with the "little" industry in the San Fernando Valley known as Porn. Quality in Hollywood is the same in Vivid Valley. What you like is good, what you don't like is not so good. You have to see it to determine what you like and this is why we are here today. Porn videos and DVD's came out as a last gasp effort to save the industry and thanks to the VCR the migration from seedy, dirty and sticky adult theatres resulted. In the late sixties, or the golden age of porn movies, adult theatres were where you went to see adult movies. They were usually small art houses that seated perhaps 100 to 200 patrons and the atmosphere was interesting to say the least. These theatres showed up such classics as I am Curious Yellow, The Stewardesses and of course the classics, Behind the Green Door and Deep Throat. These movies were shot on film and the film was often only part of the package. Lost is the ability to go into a small theatre many of which allowed alcohol, overwhelmingly men to watch dirty, dark films that struggled to have a plot and the acting was an after thought. Lighting and sound were also often an after thought. The sex was steamy, in part because there was no soft core porn on television, videos did not exist and since you had virtually no access to pornography except the men's magazines they just had to do. Aside from the fact that women rarely ventured into these places, there was every chance you would walk into a police raid or worse yet be seen walking in or out of one of these movies. Remember the sixties were about long hair, drugs and women with full sprouted pubic hair that they wore proudly. The women did not look dirty at the time but seeing a woman today with a thatch of pubic hair is "dirty", not in the cleanliness way but nasty, naughty dirty. Porn movies were not seen by the masses as these theatres were not in every town and there was a risk in going to them in addition to the things that went on there. Yes, men would often masturbate, rarely a man and a woman would enter and one had to wonder about her standards and local municipalities were trying to determine what was obscene. Since these theatres were the only outlet for the porn films times had gotten better with such hits as Deep Throat, Behind the Green Door and stars such as Seka, Linda Lovelace and Marilyn Chambers, local police and communities would strangle attempts at growing the business. Then along came the VCR and the fight for supremacy between Beta and VHS. VCR's were heavy, clunky and expensive relative to today. What they offered the adult film industry was the ability to watch sex videos in your home or bedroom and this was a major benefit and they knew it. Rentals of videos were in its infancy both in major Hollywood releases which might take months from the original showing and adult videos. The adult industry was continuing to crank out female stars such as Annette Havens, Annie Sprinkles and Kay Parker. These women were older than today's stars, not surgically enhanced and the movies were plot driven, had a story line that you could follow and were driving adult videos into more and more homes. Generally the stores that rented or sold these movies also rented main stream movies and did so out of the back of the store or in a "separate" area as to keep children and the easily offended out. The industry was growing by leaps and bounds but the basics were not. Women were usually the stars, always beautiful but by today's standards larger real breasts, fuller bodies and not the stick with tits often seen today and men were relegated to a secondary position. While they had to perform on demand, the men had fewer stars. Johnny "Wad" Holmes was a 12 inch stallion who was not gifted with good looks but he was profoundly endowed. Ron "Hedgehog" Jeremy had the ability to give himself oral pleasure and was "girth" gifted as well. He is now a mainstream cable television star who appears on Surreal Life as well as guest appearances on many programs on VH1 and many, many other programs as he is a Zen master of self promotion, intelligent and articulate as well as having porn staying power. The movies were often shot in a hotel room or poorly designed set and still largely shot on film. The stigma of being a porn star at that time has now subsided to some extent. While Ron Jeremy is about the only male porn star to move over to mainstream media in a significant manner there is the 3000 pound gorilla in the room and she is, of course, Jenna Jameson. Gifted with looks, enhanced breasts and a well developed sense of self, showmanship and able to make many of the right decisions she has also become a star outside of porn. Having been the star of her own television show, hosting her own Playboy channel program and being in the right place at the right time, Jenna Jameson is a brand in her own right with her very popular web site and, of course, movies. She proves that crossing over can be done with the right mix and both Jeremy and Jameson have it in abundance. Porn does not have to be a dead end, but for the vast majority the career has been short and has not lead to a career in the entertainment industry. One of the exceptions is the path of adult film stars to directors. Too many to mention have gone from being in front of the camera to behind the camera. Rocco Siffredi, Peter North are but two hot male actors who have found success in directing. Others have not been as lucky as Johnny Holmes died of aids related causes, Savannah committed suicide and others have suffered tragedy of some sorts or another. Few have or will ever make it in main stream films for any number of reasons. Main stream directors don’t want to be associated with porn actors for any number of reasons. As the industry grew so did the quantity of films out on the market. The plot driven films that many believed were preferred by couples and women remain and are still popular. Today these couple’s films can take up to a week to shoot which is the equivalent of a six month shoot in Hollywood main stream movies. The sets, costumes and dialog can be very good and show the industry has come a long way from the early days. Along the line came video cameras and film movies were rarely done due to expense. While demand grew exponentially for adult videos, so did the perception and understanding that there was a market for other genres of adult films. Adult films responded in a major way until now it is wondered if there are any new frontiers in sex videos. The growth of the market has resulted in virtually every fetish or preference an adult can imagine. We will explore some of the more popular genres to give you an opportunity to decide if there is something you like. Many of the genres cross over each other as the big boob genre may also be in the milf, gangbang and interracial genres as they contain all these categories.
Features: This is where the adult industry puts a bit of money, although minimally by Hollywood standards, into a film with a plot and a name actress or two. These features are usually well plotted by adult standards which doesn’t say much and they often have elaborate sets and costumes, again by adult standards. Most agree that sex films and main stream films will never compete head to head for a variety of reasons. The mixture of sex and a plot is not all that easy to pull off and the reasons vary. Features have a place and many people enjoy them, particularly women. This may be because many women wouldn’t view porn if it was just a bunch of men exploding their ejaculate over a woman’s face and one wonders why that is so. Fact is a plot adds something to a movie but perhaps not an adult movie as many men prefer a woman gets naked, or near naked, a man gets an erection, gives him a blow job and he finishes her off in no time flat. While this is an exaggeration, the truth behind it is clear. Dressing porn stars up in costumes is sexy and visually compelling but it only gets in the way of the sex, many believe. Also dressing up someone like Jenna Jameson or the likes only reminds the audience that she does not have great acting skills although she is smart and oh so sexy. Teen: You must be 18 years or older to participate in an adult movie. The story of Tracy Lords is one of a girl under the age of 18 who falsified her age to get into porn was a nightmare for adult film makers and there have been others. Here is where porn tries to have it both ways. There is a market for teen movies and it is dangerously close to child pornography without going over the line. I am not suggesting that child porn is acceptable as it is not acceptable. Exploitation of children is a crime and that should not change. Using girls under the age of 18 is a crime and should not change. The industry accepts this and by an overwhelming response does not participate in this practice. That being said there is a huge demand for teen porn and while I don't get it I know that many new titles every year attest to this demand. The adult industry has stringently kept under age girls out of the adult films with just a few notable exceptions. At the same time it floods the market with films about teens and girls who look underage, have the bodies of young girls all in the attempt to capture this market. The teen movies are complete with girls with small, natural breasts, slender figures and pig tails. What ever the attraction this genre is here to stay despite its appeal to men and perhaps women who want to see young girls having sex.
Milfs - If you have been under a rock then you may have missed the genre known as MILFS - Mothers I would love to f**k! This genre is "supposed" to be about housewives or other women who have children thus are more mature age wise and are sexually attractive. Some of the attempts to portray a surgically enhanced porn actress as a mother or housewife are amusing. The plot is almost always the male porn star runs into great looking "mom" at the store and propositions her and there just happens to be a camera and sound man with him. They go to his or her place and he is hung like a horse and she has a mature body in that her breasts are naturally or otherwise large and she is a babe in her forties or late thirties. This is appealing as there are women who look like her, but would they actually engage in spontaneous sex with one or two strangers? These fantasy films are hugely popular and some film makers go to great lengths to make them appear unrehearsed. If you watch adult films regularly you will see these milfs regularly in other films. The plot in these films is thin at best and generally follows the script I outlined above. The heat index on these films is fairly low although if you allow yourself to go with the fantasy they can get heated.
Amateur - This line of films is one of the major genre's as many men and women love non pros or ordinary people having sex and these rarely have any production value and the dialog is limited to a few lines and lots of sex. The set ups vary from "Screw my wife, please" and a husband wanting another man to service his wife while he watches. The major problem with sex films of all kinds is trying to film spontaneous sex acts without appearing staged and they usually fail. Staging sex to look spontaneous is difficult for all film makers. One genre that has succeeded to some extent is the gonzo films that have no dialog, and the key element is getting a group of people together and telling them to have sex and multiple cameras simply keep rolling the camera. These are spontaneous as they do not direct the actors and allow them to go for it. Amateur films can also be the "first timers" series that a number of male porn stars have directed. The girls are usually first timers or thereabouts. It is not difficult to get a new girl on film but the problem becomes how do you sell a newcomer, unknown quantity in an already crowded market. Jenna Jameson got her start here but it is not necessary to have never appeared in a film just not yet been seen much. Generally the amateur has sex with the veteran porn star and he "breaks her in". These do have a feel of amateurs as the girls are amateurs in that they are not pros yet. Some girls show potential while others will likely not make it in the big time due to looks, body or just no enthusiasm for their craft. Then there are the hugely popular amateur series such as Homegrown produces where it solicits and creates a very popular line of true amateurs. What these lack in technical prowess they make up for in authenticity. The Playboy Channel has a series called Amateur Home Videos where couples send in tapes for airing and many are downright volcanic and all are genuine with an occasional porn star thrown in, usually male. The series has been running on Playboy for a number of years with no end in sight as couples looking for their sexy 15 minutes of fame. Camera angles vary, lighting is sketchy and the sex is usually in the bedroom or living room but nothing can beat real people having real sex.
Interracial - Although interracial can be any two races generally the term refers to black men and white women. The black dick, white chick variety offers the old taboo of a black guy screwing a white woman and all that goes with it. The fantasy that some have about having sex with a black man, or with a white woman is still alive and well and this genre captures the fantasy. Either black men are better endowed than white men or black men with large members end up in adult films in disproportionate numbers but there are plenty of white actresses to go around. Some of the films are one on one while others center on multiple men known as MMF or male, male, female action. The concept is often about the size of his member and her inability to swallow it or otherwise manage it does get old but those who are new to it may find it spell binding at first. Interracial films are a popular genre in part because the men are extremely well endowed and the women are hot, young, white and did I say hot? The combination makes for some great sex with the forbidden nature of it usually underplayed for the camera.
Girl/Girl - The "Where the Boys aren't" type of films are for those who simply enjoy women on women often with dildos, strap ons and vibrators. Those who love them can't seem to get enough while many heterosexual couples don't find them appealing. These lipstick lesbians are hypnotizing for the lesbian crowd and well should they be as the women are hot and those who truly are at least bisexual heat up the VCR or DVD player. Many films will attempt to appeal to as many genre's as possible in the same film. These films are a good idea for those who aren't sure what turns them on and are open to everything. The film that has a plot, interracial, girl/girl is common or at least some variation thereof.
Group Sex - A favorite as you get to see a variety of actors with a variety of actresses and there is sure to be some coupling that is exciting. There is often so much going on that the viewer can find much to enjoy. Also some have the fantasy of having more than one partner, FFM- female, female and one male or MMF, at one time thus increasing the viewer's enjoyment. Group sex and gang bang are interchangeable terms although gang bangs can be one woman and up to 100 or more men. These novelty films are a fact in the industry and can be very boring as the plot is absent and the idea of watching one woman service 100 plus men with a blow job or actual vaginal entry over two days is a yawner. Couples should probably avoid these films and leave them to the fans of the female star as they get to see her get it multiple times.
Mature - This can be anything from 35 to 70 years old and can be incendiary depending on the couple. Many older women can make a scene sizzle while others make you wince. Generally the women are the mature ones having sex with younger men. There are older men in porn but when they have a scene with a younger woman it is rarely on a mature tape. Fact is age is a huge factor for a couple of obvious reasons. It helps to look good naked in adult films and older folks don't often have the bodies to carry it all off. These mature women can be rather young in reality, but in adult films 30 years old is the new 50 and 40 is the new 60 so prime time for women is 18 to 25. Men who can get wood on cue can perform into their late 30's and even beyond if they are gifted or use Viagra or other male enhancement products. For women it is primarily looks as a couple of pounds are not an asset, while for men looks are important but the ability to get and stay hard is harder than it looks. Their physical attractiveness is secondary as proven by the likes of Ron Jeremy, otherwise known as the Hedgehog. Men simply aren’t usually in porn because of their looks although many of the younger leads are indeed easy on the eyes and enjoy both the physical and emotional attributes that make them a star to women. But make no mistake, in porn, getting it hard and keeping it hard for a release on cue will make for a fairly long career. No pun intended. Try it in front of a director, camera man, sound man, two other actors, your female star and multiple cuts and you will agree that these guys are amazing, although the use of the little blue pill is reportedly routine.
Anal Sex - In the past the number of actresses who refused to engage in anal sex was higher than now. Accepted more than before there are still female actresses who won't do anal play. Many wait until later in their career to accept the job of anal sex. Whether couples enjoy anal sex on camera is often based on whether they engage in it themselves. Many second and third tier actresses are forced to do anal sex as there is a demand for these videos but a decided lack of girls to do the work. They are forced in an economic manner, not brutal force, as no one is forced to perform in any adult videos. Many actresses refuse to engage in interracial sex as well, while some refuse to do girl/girl. The problem is in an industry that is so small a refusal to do certain acts may hinder their ability to get regular work and this economic hardship causes girls to do work they might not like. This is coupled with the fact that many of these girls are small in stature while the male actors may be quite the opposite. There is no doubt that men with big penises are often in the highest demand. Size does indeed matter as does the ability to get and maintain a firm erection. So pity the girl who does anal sex on camera as she may have to endure some serious pain for her craft.
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