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Bodystockings, Sexy Lingerie or Outerwear?


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Bodystockings are sexy lingerie and erotic clothing worn in private or public. Sexy bodystockings are outerwear for the bars and clubs and sexy lingerie as in sheer lingerie bodystockings and stretch lace bodystockings that fit snug and sexy with many in fishnet, sheer and stretch lace styles. Body stockings are intimate apparel and gorgeous outerwear in one garment that is often misunderstood and under used as a fashion accessory. I wear them year round to a number of occasions, especially work, as well as out to dinner, the movies, and yes the bedroom. Every wardrobe should have at least two or three body stockings, and the more you wear them, the more you will fall in love with them. A body stocking is a versatile article of lingerie, that is similar to a leotard which is a snugly fitting, stretchable one-piece garment with or without sleeves that covers the torso, worn especially by dancers, although body stockings are more feminine, and sensual in design and feel. A body stocking usually has full length legs, but it may have long, short, or no sleeves. Body stockings are made in closed crotch or crotchless. It is usually made from a sheer fabric similar to those used for stockings and tights, or from fishnet and lace material. Virtually all bodystockings have a high spandex or stretch lycra content that allows them to fit your body and wear very comfortably. Some body stockings are designed to be worn as outerwear, but others are strictly for the bedroom, usually because they are too revealing to be worn out, but can be functional as outerwear with the right bra, or jacket. The versatility comes from its intimate use in the bedroom to its use at work or play under a sexy blouse, sweater or all alone. Body stockings make terrific gifts, as they are one size fits most, and are on the inexpensive side, so you can hardly go wrong. Since sizing is almost effortless, and remember they are made in plus size lingerie as well, the effort needs to go into the material and style. For the most part body stockings come in four materials, sheer, lace, opaque and fishnet, or a variation of these materials. For instance many will come in a combination of opaque and sheer styles for added drama. Many people confuse body stockings with body suits. Body suits are generally one piece garments that go from the crotch to the neck but do not have legs. The difference is generally the bodysuit is not a full body garment while the body stocking is from head to toe. Cat suits are also often confused with the body stockings although the cat suit tends to be a heavier, more durable garment that can be worn with no other garment often in the form of a costume or in vinyl, rubber or leather. Cat suits tend to be limited to Halloween or on stage performers as they are not sheer, stretch lace or in other fabrics generally found in bodystockings. Sheer Body Stockings : Often times body stockings are made of sheer fabric and are worn with or without undergarments such as a bra. This depends on the wearer and her personal style. The sheer body stocking may be sheer from head to toe that stretches to fit giving the woman's body a slim silhouette. Sheer body stockings with or without an open crotch are convenient and offer the benefit of offering the woman hosiery and a sheer top that matches the hosiery. Sheer fabrics are wildly popular due to the feeling of wearing them, and the look of sheer fabric against the skin. Many women and men love wearing stretchy, clingy fabrics as they feel sensuous and make you feel supported, although they may offer little to no support. The look of sheer fabric is sexy as it adds a mystery to the wearer, due to the way the light plays with the fabric and a woman's body. Don't confuse sheer and see through although they are kissing cousins. A woman wearing sheer fabric over a bra or less than a bra is just plain sexy. The effect of being dressed, and nearly undressed is a sort of controlled exhibitionism. Fishnet-Fence net: A perennial favorite such as the fishnet body stocking can be worn over another garment such as a sexy bra, camisole, or snug top of the same or a contrasting color. The fishnet body stocking is one of my favorites as wearing fishnet or fence net stockings make your legs look extremely attractive, and they are definitely a guy magnet. I love to wear a pair of sexy stockings with a fishnet or fence net body stocking over the stockings. Since I wear a hot pink or blue pair of stockings, the effect of the black fishnet body stockings is dramatic. I suggest you purchase a fishnet body stocking and try it on and see how it makes you look. You will likely love it, and so will your husband. Again due to the low cost, if you don't like it you are not out much. A popular style is wearing the fishnet or fence net over an opaque stocking Lace Bodystocking : The majority of body stockings are made of lace in a variety of designs, most of which I am not particularly fond of as they remind me of my grandmother. The old style floral lace just doesn't do if for me. You can find them virtually everywhere, as they are ubiquitous. Some say that they are rather itchy as the floral design in lace overlay can tend towards the scratchy. Despite my misgivings, lace body stockings make any body look sexier as do all body stockings. I have my favorites, and you will have yours, and I suggest you take a look at the lace body stockings as they may be very appealing to you. Opaque Bodystockings : I hesitate to mention opaque body stockings as they are not particularly feminine or sexy, but they do have their place. Opaque body stockings generally come in black or nude, although other colors are available. I don't own one, as I really prefer the sheer and fishnet as I have already stated. They do not offer the visual stimulation of a sheer, or even lace body stocking, but they do have their place, just not in my drawer. Color: Since I love body stockings it is a benefit that they come in a variety of colors, although primarily black. You can find them in red, nude, purple and occasionally pastels. Truth is black is the color to stick with if you are buying your first body stocking, and since I am not a fan of red or purple, you are on your own here. Wearing red or purple from head to toe is a fashion risk, while black doesn't take too much courage. As to where I stand on the open crotch versus closed crotch debate, I am undecided. This raises the idea of wearing panties with your body stocking, and I admit I never wear panties under or over my body stockings. While this may affect your sensibilities, some women seem to like the crotch less body stockings for two primary reasons. One is the erotic nature of going semi commando. If that floats your boat, more power to you, but it doesn't really do much for me, but my husband is another matter, as always. The problem with closed crotch body stockings is the dreaded visit to the powder room. Getting totally undressed is a pain, and I think it partially accounts for the relative lack of popularity of body stockings. If I had to vote I would vote for crotch less body stockings for convenience. There are other considerations with body stockings but I don't think they are particularly significant such as the sleeve length which is primarily based on the use you are going to give the body stocking. I tend to like sleeveless body stockings as opposed to full length or three quarter sleeves. Again this is almost totally dependant on the outfit, or lack of it you are wearing, and the availability of the style and color you seek. If purchased for inspiring your guy in the bedroom, then go for whatever gets his blood boiling. open bust or peek a boo body stockings are popular as bedroom lingerie. While they are not my favorite, I certainly understand the attraction. Do keep in mind that a C cup or above will have zero support, but what man would refuse seeing his girl in a sexy body stocking and her breasts peeking out for the world, or him, to see. Think of it this way, the next time you are in the market for stockings, pantyhose or hosiery, look in the body stocking section of your local boutique, or online at a sexy bodystocking site. Consider the price, which is generally between $15.00 and $25.00, the selection and the fact that a body stocking is both sexy stockings and a hot top, and you may agree that it is time to jump into buying a sexy body stocking and see what the fuss is all about. Finally a note about the versatility of body stockings. These garments are generally worn with skirts, jeans or slacks and even with a dress, depending on the casual nature of it and whether it looks good. An additional hot look is all alone. You might think the models used to display the body stockings are only for the purpose of advertising the garment thus the lack of outer clothing. Nothing could be further from the truth. First of all these garments make any womanÂ’s sexy body look even sexier. They are ultra slimming and cast a very erotic and slimming silhouette. Put on a pair of heels and you are ready for an evening at home with that man of yours where you are ultimately fully covered and nearly naked. They are form fitting and especially delightful with a lace bra or even a pair of skimpy panties on underneath. Experiment with the look and discover why women love having these very versatile garments in their hosiery drawer. Consider layering when you are wondering what new and exciting look to embrace. Often done with body stockings or body suits of different colors the look can be very dramatic to the beholder. The point of this is to try some things out of the box and see what many dancers already know. When it comes to draping the female body variety is highly valued and you can become an enchanted vixen with very little effort. As always do not forget the high heels. Sure you can walk around the house in your socks and not wearing any shoes but wearing high heels with lingerie sends a message and one he wants to hear. Even consider leaving them on when the two of you get serious about love making. You will discover what a simple act can do to enhance your love making and the memories will last for a very long time. While black is the primary color of all body stockings consider going for something a little more colorful. Red, purple, lime and white are options worth discovering. You may find that black is no longer your favorite color.
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