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How Do I Dress Sexy for my Husband?


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How do I dress sexy for my husband is a question many wives ask as they want to look hot for their spouse without looking slutty. How do I dress sexy for my husband is easier than you think and you can do it without spending a lot of money. First of all you must know that you have so many options here that you simply have to decide how sexy you want to look and where do you want to show off the sexy new you. Looking sexy is easy when you remember a couple of things. The first thing you must do is do some planning or take some inventory. This is not complicated in any way and it won't take very long. Get out a slip of paper and a pen or pencil and choose a quiet place at home with the television off and no distractions. Now write down your good points and bad points and be brutal as it will help down the road. Be honest with yourself as no one need see this list but yourself. By being honest you will allow yourself to get to those areas that are most likely to work for you versus those that will not work as well. I have never seen or met a man or woman who does not have good points so don't start off with the attitude that there is nothing that is good or great as there is. Now don't pretend that some characteristics may need a bit of attention but spending money is not either necessary or even a good idea at this time. Lets start out at the top, or in your case your hair. Do you have full, thick, curly hair or maybe not so much. Whatever the case is it must be clean, smell good and preferably be curled or some attention must be paid to it. Many men love a woman with clean, beautiful hair and you must start here and move forward. Depending on the state of your hair you must wash it, condition it and curl it or otherwise make it either a great asset or a non issue at the least. Next is your skin! Wash it, apply make up and strive to make it look healthy, full of life and soft. Now some of this may seem trivial and juvenile but not knowing what condition one is in is a drawback. Again make your skin glow and use all the options you have at your disposal work for you in the best way possible. Pluck your eyebrows, use eye makeup and otherwise make yourself as attractive as possible. If you don't use makeup, start. If you do use makeup then you know what to do. Act as though this is the first date with the man of your dreams. Behave accordingly. Teeth! Floss them, brush them, use mouthwash, repeat if necessary. Like the commercials be minty fresh. Body! Shave your legs, underarms and anywhere else you think would be a good idea. Now we get to your pubic region. Do you shave down there? Well, now is the time to seriously consider doing so as he will notice and will be impressed. You don't need to shave off all of your pubic hair as a landing strip, which is a narrow strip of hair going vertical down the middle, will do just fine. Remember you want to dress sexy for your husband. What does that have to do with grooming? Well, if you have to ask that may be why you are reading this. Proper grooming is sexy with a woman and a man. We are attracted to people of the opposite and same sex for reasons. One of them is that some people simply take better care of themselves and it shows, a lot. Others, on the other hand do not seem to give a darn about how they look and they may wonder why they don't seem to be getting a lot of attention. One thing to remember here is that if you can't get your husband to think you are sexy with all the time and energy you are spending, then maybe, just maybe you need another husband. Make him notice you in a positive way and that positive way is by spending time and energy and perhaps a little money on yourself. Tanning. Here is where a bottle of self tanning lotion may come in handy. Consider the cost but the outcome is that you look your best with your clothes on and off. If you do use a self tanner be sure you read the directions and don't overdo it. Also be sure you are careful about how you apply the stuff as you also want to look great naked, nude or otherwise without clothing. Some men are totally aroused by a woman who has tan lines. On the other hand many women think tan lines are absure, to say the least. You decide. Deodorants/Perfumes. Wear them! No need to go overboard but use them. Humans like a person that smells good. It says something positive about them without being obvious and well, overwhelming. Of course one can get their hair done, cut or whatever and can spend money to enhance their appearance but it really isn't all that necessary. The basics will go a very long way as long as they are done in a deliberate fashion. If you say you are already doing these things, think again and see if there aren't any areas where you could be doing more, better or perhaps in a more deliberate fashion. Dressing: Once you have taken care of your body then it is on to your clothes. You don't need to buy anything but do consider the state of your wardrobe. Assuming you are not completely out of fashion or don't wear t shirts and sweat pants then you are probably ok. Do you deliberately dress for yourself, him or no one in particular? Don't dress for your husband but for the man you would like him to become. Dress like you are going to be discovered for a movie role at any moment. But what role are you dressing for? Is it for the movie version of hoarders or America's Next Top Model? How do you dress? Do you care how your underwear looks or is it just about the clothing he can see? Do you wear the same stretch pants every day after work or do you really care about your appearance? Well the answer better be you care desperately about how you look and won't let off that standard for anyone. Have you slipped recently? Do you not really care as you are married and who really cares? Whatever the answer may be the new you must be meticulous about your appearance. You must look showroom fresh every time you step out of the house. Dress for the man you want in your life, not the one you have in your life. This is not an invitation for finding a new guy or getting a divorce, just the opposite. This is not to say that as a man you can walk around in sweat pants with holes in them and some ratty, smelly shoes. If you expect your wife or girlfriend to put the time and interest into her appearance you must do the same. It really is a reflection of a number of things as the way you look in public. You have seen them at the grocery store. The woman with pajamas and slippers looking like she just got out of bed with a farm animal, hay and all. The same with the guys, a four day stubble on their faces, unironed shirt or a tee shirt that should be applying furniture polish rather than being worn to a public place. Men and women appreciate a person who puts in the time and energy to look good or at least clean or presentable. Why can't or won't you take the time to look good for yourself or your mate? Have you stopped caring? I think women should strive to look sexy for their husbands or boy friends. By the same token men should take all the time they need to be attractive to women all of the time. Once you are out of bed in the morning the potential is there for another person to see you. Be it a mate, child, parent or post man, they are all people and they should not have to see some broken down person but rather a well groomed, fastidious specimen a man or woman would not want around them. Runway ready, no, grocery store ready-absolutely. The time it takes to comb your hair, brush your teeth and wear street clothes is negligible. Do you have to wear a skirt, high heels and the latest fashion top to buy some milk and cereal? Of course not but you do have to wear clean jeans, tennis or casual shoes with socks, a shirt or tee shirt that has been folder or ironed and you must be clean and fresh looking. Is it to pick up a girl at 7:30 in the morning on a Sunday? No, not likely. It is to show your mate, close relatives and friends that you care enough to take care of yourself. Unfortunately there are plenty of people who don't meet that standard. Simply because one can say "I want to be comfortable" does not make it sufficient. Do you wear heels every day or tennis shoes? Do you wear a skirt or dress every day or jeans/pants? Is your general appearance the best it has ever been or, hopefully not, the worst it has ever been? Well, you have to make it the best. Every day!

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