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Latex Rubber Wear - Fetish Wear for Women


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Latex or rubber wear is fetish wear for women and is a stretch to fit material that hugs your curves. Latex dresses, mini skirts and panties are all fetish wear for women for the way it looks and feels. Rubber wear is fetish wear for the most daring women waiting to emerge. Clearly not for everyone, rubber wear is just that, clothing and lingerie that is fashioned from the same thing used to make inner tubes. Not very appealing you say? Rubber is a material that is meant to stretch as in the case of an inner tube to hold air yet retain its elasticity and bounce. So how does this commercial product find its way into your closet? The progression is quite logical as women have searched for clothing and undergarments that conform to your body showing off its curves, yet holding you in where you may have a flaw or two. With the arrival of lycra spandex, many garments worn by both sexes but primarily women's clothing took on a new look, feel and stretch. Panties, bras, tops and most other garments could be found with spandex content for the fit as well as the look of a garment stretching to fit. Spandex can make a shapely woman look incredible but can't really take a flabby body and transform it into a runway model. Enter rubber wear that performs much like spandex but the look of rubber is in a league of its own. Unfortunately rubber left untreated has a chalky, dull look to it. Just like a car tire, rubber treatments can make them shiny and brings out the luster that makes them look more alive. Failing to use Rubber Glow or a product similar to it will leave the garment looking dull and lifeless. Similarly attempting to put on a garment made entirely of rubber can be frustrating at best. It is recommended that one use baby powder on the inside of the garment as well as on your skin to allow the garment to glide on without sticking to your body. Additionally don't forget that unlike cotton which is a natural fiber and thus "breathes" allowing the wearer to remain cool with the fabric not retaining heat or moisture, rubber does not breathe. Depending on the garment you will perspire and thus need to plan accordingly. You can literally lose a pound, two or more wearing rubber clothing on a warm day or in a hot room with very little activity. Wearing a latex mini skirt will result in your midsection getting somewhat over heated but nothing like you would experience wearing a full body cat suit that is considered a full blown fetish outfit. The plus is that the rubber wear conforms to a womans body and she will love how the garment looks and hot it makes her feel. Rubber wear is likely not appropriate for office wear or on a trip to the mall as the look is unmistakably erotic and will likely draw attention as many have never seen someone wearing rubber clothing. Another thing to remember is that in order for rubber wear to be worn comfortably the rubber is quite thin and a misplaced finger nail can be its undoing. Rubber wear made too thick will not conform to a woman's body thus making it look like she is wearing a car tire. The trade off is a thin rubber garment that makes the female form look sensuous and positively erotic. A latex mini skirt will make a statement regardless of where it is worn. The stretch of the mini skirt combined with the shine of the rubber will make for a unique look to say the least. Combine it with a sexy top that you would wear with jeans or a sexy skirt and the look will be complete. Don’t forget the sexy high heels or even better, a pair of knee high leather boots for one look that will keep every man interested. It is best to try out a bit of rubber wear before venturing out in public. If you have not worn it before you will want to see how your panties look under the material. A skimpy G string may be best as it does not leave the same detectable bulge that more full coverage will leave. Many women simply don't wear panties but again that is entirely up to you. Latex leggings are part of a rave outfit, fetish wear or a unique look all your own. Wearing rubber stockings that hug your legs will give you a look and feelings of you can do everything or anything. The versatility will look hot with a mini skirt, to be sure. But again you need to wear some very sexy footwear to accentuate the stockings and the overall look. latex gloves If you are going to a Halloween party or masquerade party then the look you may love is these gloves that send a definite message. When you are wearing a costume you want to look a bit over the top and the ideal way to do this is with full length gloves that are exquisite as well as fashion forward. Again it is best to use some baby powder on your hands and lower arms as well as in the gloves before attempting to put them on. Don't forget that the thinness of the rubber will make piercing them very easy. A girl with finger nails that otherwise aren't that long or sharp may find herself with an irreperable damage to her gloves. Consider cutting those nails or using extraordinary care in putting them on. There is no doubt that a pair of latex panties will make you feel sexy and suggestive. While only a special one or few will ever get to see you in your panties the effect will be the same. The look you desire is with these tightly fitting panties that will hug you in one heck of a suggestive manner. Try sitting in them for a bit and see how they feel as it will depend on whether you are wearing jeans or a skirt over them. One of our best selling products is our latex crotchless panties . The reasons are clear as they give a girl the ability to act very naughty but in a very private manner. Wearing Crotchless panties is an act of deliberate sexuality and once you have worn them you will see exactly what we mean. A Latex Peephole Bra can be worn under your blouse or all alone, depending on the occasion as well as your mood. Not every woman can get away with wearing suggest sexy gear and you may be the one who gets it. Our Latex Mini Dress is so very hot you will likely never find anything quite so sexy. It is not enough to just think you are sexy you need to follow it by wearing some very hot clothing. The next time you visit a club or bar wearing this hot skirt you will see how much you are appreciated. How about a sexy Latex Bustier as part of your next sexy outfit? The bustier offers support, that is for sure. In addition you enter a zone of wearing fetish wear that is difficult to describe. Feel free when you are wearing our Latex Boob Out Bra with this open bust bra for women who have no reservations about showing off those lovely breasts. Consider that the boob out bra differs from the peep hole bra as the boob out bra allows the entire breast to be exposed while the peep hole bra only exposes the nipples. Men love wearing these Latex Peephole Briefs that simply leave a man with his junk out where it can be seen and admired. Latex Briefs with Penis Sleeve are enough to make every evening a special one for you and her. This is a pair of mens underwear that acts much like a dildo holder and is usually used in sexual acts.
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