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Penis Extenders - Make your Penis Longer & Thicker


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Penis extenders make your penis longer and thicker without surgery. Penis extenders in various lengths extend your penis, making it longer which is something she will enjoy even though she may not admit it at first. Penis extenders can extend the length of a man's penis from 1 inch to as much as 6 inches longer. Many penis extenders and extensions can be worn with or without an erection.
Men use penis extensions or penis extenders for a variety of reasons. If you have a problem getting or maintaining an erection they are a perfect solution. If you want a longer or thicker penis for an evening or every evening then the extender offers an easy, painless guaranteed method of growing your member then the extender/extension will do the job.
Extenders work basically the same as they slip over your penis adding one to three inches in length and as much as an inch in girth or diameter. These extenders are designed to fit snugly over your penis which has two main benefits. The tight fit will restrict blood flow out of your penis and help you maintain an erection. The extenders are generally made of a synthetic rubber that will stretch to fit minimizing the tendency of the extender falling off during intercourse. Many of these extenders are made of Cyberskin which has a realistic feeling and look. These are one size fits most as you fit it to your penis and if it is too long you can cut the end to make for a perfect fit. Generally the tip of the extender is solid or semi firm that will give you and her a realistic fit and feel. Most of the extenders have a real look with the veins of a real penis and a head shaped to look just like yours. While many women will claim that the size of your penis doesn't matter the truth is most women enjoy an added one to three inches and if they don't you just take it off, what could be easier?
PPA - Prosthetic Penis Attachments - While extenders require an erect penis the PPA's are in a category of being able to help men with erectile dysfunction or the inability to get and maintain an erection. For a variety of reasons many men are unable to get and maintain an erection. Using an erectile dysfunction drug such as Viagra, Cialis and others may not be sufficient or not medically possible. The PPA can solve the problem of giving a man an erection although he will not get erect. The PPA simulates an erect penis and must be worn with a series of straps that hold the prosthetic on the wearer. The inside is hollow just like the extenders and the PPA may look exactly like the extenders. Shaped to look and feel like a real penis she really won't know the difference with her eyes closed. They come in a variety of sizes from 5 to 7 inches long.
How to use an extender or PPA? Getting the extender on can be a bit of a problem the first time. Remember the extender needs to be very snug so that it does not slip off. You may need to use a small amount of lube in order to get it to slip onto your penis. Don't use a lot as you don't want to slide around in there once the action gets going. Be sure to use lubricant on the outside of the extender during intercourse as the jelly like material these extenders are made of cannot create any lubricant and won't react to her vaginal lubricants in the same way as your penis. How much lubricant you use will depend on the amount of lubricant she produces naturally and what level of lubricant the both of you enjoy. Too little and she may experience pain that you will not be able to feel. Too much and she won't be able to enjoy the friction that makes for exciting intercourse. The extender fits when you penis touches the hard end of the extender. If your penis does not touch the end of the extender simply use a pair of scissors to trim the end of the extender so it fits comfortably onto your penis. You do not want your penis pressing directly on the hard end of the extender as you may experience moderate to severe pain during thrusting in intercourse. You will need to experiment with the extender in order to get the right amount of lubricant inside and outside the extender for a comfortable fit without the fear of the extender coming off your penis. If you feel the extender starting to slip you need to stop and remove any excess lubricant from the inside.
Tips for getting and maintaining an erection - Get regular exercise as the "trick" to getting hard and firm erections is a healthy amount of blood flow into the penis. If you are having trouble getting or maintaining an erection consider any medication you are taking that may supress blood flow like anti depression medication or antihistamines. See your doctor if you have any problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes.
Stay away from alcohol as it is a depressant and too much alcohol can make it difficult to get or maintain an erection. Try using a cock ring! Cock rings supress blood flow out of the penis and can help get and keep that erection throughout intercourse. Penis pumps can increase the size of your penis enormously only the effect is very temporary once the vacuum in the pump is released. Advocates of penis pumping claim that you can make the effect last longer and if you are interested you may want to access some of that information on web sites encouraging penis pumps.
Implants - A surgeon can implant a bulb in your penis that will simulate an erection. The implants do require surgical intervention and may be considered as a last resort. Stay hard creams are a benefit to men who get an erection without much problem but suffer from premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is simply ejaculating too early, before he or she is ready to finish their sexual tryst. These desensitizing creams work by numbing the penis which reduces or eliminates the problem of premature ejaculation and greatly improves his sex life in the process. Simply rub a small amount of the cream onto the penis before penetration and sexual intercourse should continue until he or she are ready. Many men use cock rings to get and maintain a harder and stronger erection. These cock rings work by preventing blood from flowing out of the penis by compressing the penis and testicles. It is a scientific fact that this method works but one must exercise caution in not constricting the penis too tightly or for too long a period of time. Many couples use the vibrating cock rings as they help him with his erection and stimulate her clitoris with a vibrating mechanism. Regardless of the method you use to enhance your sexual experience there is no harm in trying these and other methods that increase the size of your penis, increase the length and hardness of your erection and enhance your experience in the bedroom.

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