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Plus Size Lingerie is for Healthy Voluptuous Sexy Women


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Plus size lingerie is for healthy, sexy, voluptuous women who love the man in their lives. Plus size lingerie is for women who have curves, look voluptuous and sexy in their hot lingerie and enjoy the time they spend in bed. We all know that we live in a society that abhors people who are fat, overweight and badly conditioned. We know that there are risks in carrying excess weight as it places a strain on our hearts, leads to diabetes and other health problems so how do you encourage women to be plus size? First of all there are differences between grossly overweight and plus size women just as there are different degrees of health or beauty. There are many people who have health conditions who are not fat or even over weight and they have health conditions for reasons having to do with heredity or other factors. So what basis do we have in glamorizing plus size women? We could simply dismiss women who are plus size and put them all in a category of over weight women whether they are size 12, 14, 16 or 18 and beyond. That is not fair nor is it accurate as many women are grossly overweight while others not nearly so. No wonder women of weight or size find themselves ignored, dismissed and herded into categories of being overweight that overcome them with despair and discouragement. Being overweight can and is often simply a matter of over consumption and very bad choices while at other times a health factor that is not easy to determine and even more difficult to address in any satisfactory manner. As a result of this many sexy women find it difficult to manage their lives, much less their sex lives. Wearing sexy clothing much less lingerie is a chore as well as an ordeal. There are no easy answers but one answer is not to shun or otherwise dismiss another human being simply because they are overweight anymore than to do the same to an underweight person. Sexy lingerie is a means to express ones sexuality and enjoy one of the best parts of being alive and that is their sex lives. Sexy lingerie isn’t just a swatch of clothing but more as it conveys a persons sense of self. A woman is already risking a lot when she wears lingerie but consider the plus size woman who also has the added weight of a society who just doesn’t seem to care about her feelings. Her husband certainly cares for her but again she is not held as a thing of beauty as her slimmer, more well conditioned counterparts may be. So what is she to do? 1. Choose her lingerie carefully and purchase lingerie that fits. Many plus size women attempt to wear lingerie that is simply too big on them fearing that a snug fitting garment will expose her flaws more than a loose fitting garment. The loose fitting garment actually draws attention to her size and not in a gentle manner. Wear lingerie that fits! 2. Stay away from unstructured garments. While most of the time we all want to be comfortable, a comfortable garment is synonymous with sweat pants, sweat shirts and the like. While we are not suggesting that she wear tight garments, we are also not suggesting that she wear tent like items that do not give her figure a form. 3. Avoid large prints. It seems that many manufacturers create those large flowery items and some women flock to them while smaller women don’t find them so appealing. Whatever the reasons avoid them. Wear black, dark colors and find items that cinch in the waist like corsets, bustiers, underwire bra sets and items with a good amount of spandex in them for a figure flattering fit and look. Stay away, again, from loose fitting, garish colors that are not really becoming to anyone much less full figured women. 4. Emphasize your really good parts. Women, all women, have some good parts and some not so good parts so pick the good ones and show them off. Plus size women often have large breasts and men love, read lllllooooooovvvvveeee large breasts so wear a corset that pushes your breasts up and out. Wear a structured two or three piece set. Wear black stockings with a garter belt that fools the eye with all the different pieces and that gives you some definition. Most all women have good to great looking legs so a pair of high heels is definitely an option that plus size women should emphasize. The heels give you added height, volume and dimension that does not emphasize your girth which is again going to give you some sexy attributes. 5. Wear sheer lingerie . Sheer lingerie is likely stretch material so that again is a good thing. You will have a large selection of sheer, see through fabrics so they are very easy to find and likely are very affordable so it is a wonder why so many women find themselves wearing sheer lingerie. 6. Make it up! Another way of putting this is put on make up, curl your hair and try and develop a tan or wear stockings , a body stocking or dim the lights a bit. This is, like all the rest of our advice not only for plus size girls. All women, that is ALL women have flaws, even models. Deemphasize the flaws and accentuate the good parts. We don’t just mean your boobs, legs, stomach or shoulders but how about your eyes, hair, lips or anything else you love. Who would suggest that if you have a bit of a tummy that you place a spotlight on it? Why show off a little cottage cheese on your inner thighs when you have boobs to die for? Use a little common sense! All girls have flaws and there is no point in emphasizing them, none. 7. Keep on using your head! Use music, instructional videos , lighting, food or whatever else you can think of to set a sexy mood. Sell yourself! You have to package yourself and what is wrong with that? Don’t turn on spotlights as those harsh lights are offensive to everyone. Dim lighting, mood music, a little wine and thou! 8. Find out what works and use it baby! When you consider what you have at your disposal you simply cannot fail! Plus size women have an enormous amount of qualities that they must use just like any other woman. Use them to your advantage. Don’t fail to find your advantage. Again is it your bust, butt, legs or all those things. Is your smile you best feature, then use it. Put on a hot shade of red on your lips and smile. Don’t take your lingerie off during lovemaking, keep your stockings, shoes, panties or whatever on at all times if that makes you feel and look better. Notice we put feel first! Be enthusiastic! Be positive. You don’t want to know how many women, regardless of size that are down in the mouth, unenthusiastic and not particularly arousing during lovemaking. Keep the lights on low, play Al Green or Lionel Ritchie or whomever you love hearing. 9. Play games, honey! Are you into bondage , sex play, role playing? If not, start! Engage your lover like no one else will or can. Keep him interested with any sort of fun that he will, and you will, enjoy. Don’t underestimate the power you have by using your imagination. If you don’t think you have an imagination then go online and let any simple interest you may have blossom into something bigger and better. 10. Use sex toys! That is right! Sex toys are intended to enhance our enjoyment of sex and there are a lot of them out there. Vibrators, strap ons, the list is almost limitless.
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