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Booty Shorts & Brazilian Panties for Girls


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Booty shorts are naughty girls panties as they are full coverage girls underwear. Booty shorts and brazilian panties are girls favorites as they look great alone, under costumes or sinfully short skirts. Many people claim that fashions are cyclical or that everything that is old is new again and we think that is very true. For so many years panties were blousy, full back and not form fitting. They were primarily to provide protection for a woman's clothing from moisture and stains. This was due to the fact that cleaning clothing was a pain or expensive or both and more. Clothing was very expensive years ago and cleaning her clothing was a major issue. Remember we are talking about a time where there were no washing machines, laundry mats and dry cleaners. Cleaning was simply done infrequently at best and the problems associated with it were significant. Today men and women can hardly appreciate the problems with cleaning a woman's dress that was blood stained or soiled in some manner.

Today panties are worn for a variety of reasons but no longer is the primary issue one of sanitation and fear of getting her outer garments cleaned. Women bathe daily and sometimes more that once a day and all she needs do is throw her relatively inexpensive clothing in the hamper to be washed in the family washer and dryer downstairs. Some garments today are expensive but many are very affordable and purchased by all stratas of income.

Panties were loose fitting, today referred as granny panties and did not contain any stretch fabrics. This was due to the fact that these miracle fabrics were not yet invented. Stretch lycra spandex were not yet on the scene. Once spandex was invented it revolutionized women's panties and allowed for the invention of form fitting panties like booty shorts and boy shorts. Back to cyclical fashion trends these booty shorts are once again very popular and getting more popular by the day. These full back panties were those full figured, blousy granny panties of the past but now they fit a woman's body in a very flattering manner. They are now a fashion statement that women and men love.
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